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"Amy was incredible!!! She knew exactly what we needed from the sale of our property and she told us she could sell our home for an exact amount. She not only did what she said, she got us an offer for $4,000.00 more than what she initially told us. She was excited to sell our property and everything she did reflected that excitement. We could not be happier with our decision to list our home with Amy. She was never to busy or unavailable to us for even the simplest question. She was calming in times of high stress, optimistic when we were frustrated, and professional when it came time to be. Amy is a very talented realtor, we knew our listing was with the right person from the moment we signed the papers.

Our overall experience in selling this property was a nightmare until we contacted Amy. We had the property listed with another broker/agent,and to say the least we were not happy with the service we received from this agent. To summarize this agents level of service I will give you a couple of examples. I never heard from her unless she wanted me to drop the listing price. She held 1 open house, with no advertising and as a result had no visitors. She never personally showed the property, and she had me locked into a 12 month agreement. During that agreement time we did not have a single offer on the property, to say nothing about having a contract.

Amy on the other hand, marketed the heck out of my property. It was on,, Facebook, and Instagram; my listing was everywhere! She would contact us at least weekly to see how we were doing and if we had any questions. She told us every time there was a showing and gave us feedback on the showings. She held an open house with a tremendous response and she was able to get a contract on the property in less than 30 days of listing the property. What Amy was able to accomplish is a vast contrast to what we dealt with in our fist realtor. What Amy did in 30 days, Our original realtor could not accomplish in 350!

In addition to the fantastic job she did in selling our property our closing was the fastest I have ever been involved in. We were in and out in 20 min. I believe this to be the case because Amy had everything ready. Any potential issues were already addressed and handled. All we had to do was walk in and sign. It was literally that easy. Amy is Awesome!!!"

--Philip Knight, Granite City, IL

"Amy was so wonderful with the sale of our home. From the very start of the sales process, to the very end, she was very thorough, knowledgable, and supportive. She was always quick to answer our questions, and took care of everything she possibly could for us. We are so appreciative of all of her hard work and efforts to get our home sold quickly. It is apparent how much she really cares about her clients. I honestly could not have asked for a better agent to help us and guide us in the sale of our house."

--Annessa Skouby, Troy IL

"Amy was very helpful with all our needs and got answers to questions we had, even those that were not part

of her job."

--L. Isaak Granite City, Il

"Amy was great. Polite, laid back, and always accessible. Highly recommend!"

--Travis, Pontoon Beach

"Amy is the most fantastic agent, we've worked with. She went above and beyond to help us along the way.

She always made herself available to answer questions and help with the whole process anyway she could.

If you want a knowledgable realtor, that's going to work hard for you, then call Amy!"

--Jessica Pinegar Edwardsville

"Amy is a wonderful, friendly and very reliable agent. I feel that she always had our best interests at heart and

I never felt pressured into anything. She always goes way beyond her call of duty to help. There are so many

more outstanding things to be said about her but in summation she is an amazing realtor and she will always

be who we contact and refer first for any future relocating needs. She is a true treasure."

--Katie Jones

"She was awesome and we couldn't be any happier! She's very personal be and will help you in every way

she can!"

--Katy, East Alton

"I absolutely loved working with Amy! She is the sweetest gal and she really knew what she was talking about. If she didnt, she was sure to find out in a timely matter. If we decide to move again (lets hope not) we will definitely be using her service again. I recommend her to everyone!!! You wont be disapppointed. " --Amy W, Granite City

" Amy does a very good job! She always got back with us right away with any questions or concerns that we had! She truly loves her job and her clients! Buying our house was a long process, but Amy made it all worth it in the end! I can't thank her enough for the wonderful job that she does!!! She went way above and beyond for us and is very honest and truly helpful!!! I would recommend her to anyone!!! I feel like i was working with a best friend!" --Shannon, Granite City

"She is awesome"

--Heather lemasters

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